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Dec 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
man, clarence cain. a fascinating character. to many jews, highly educated, and using. from newport rhode island, and fantastic american was from a very good ones family who went to yale, ph.d. at harvard. the aged 27 he was given charge of the survey of all the lands between sacramento and the west of cheyenne. a hundred miles to the north and south, the 40th parallel survey. to consider years. the books and maps. could cost hundreds of thousand dollars. beautifully, beautifully accomplished. and he had all sorts of amazing adventures while doing the survey, but as a reward for doing so well he was appointed to be the first-ever director of the newly established body count the united states geological survey which, of course, today the country in its entirety. the move to new york, the headquarters of the usgs and he was the first director. the second was john wesley powell. his personal life is what i want to mention briefly. i was astonished when i stumbled across it. help no one will hold this against and, but he was a sexually energetic in man, but he did not like white women.
Dec 8, 2013 5:45pm EST
healthcare. so it isn't about money. we spend plenty on money and number two is k-12 education. we are not the top 25, we are not the top 25 in k-12 education outcomes so it is not a matter of money you need to reengineer the system and i have a number of ideas about how to do that. >> maybe we will come back to that but there's a couple other bases i want to touch before i turn it over. under this broad entitlement reform, medicare is critical as you say. we also have social security. the other interesting chapter i think on what we should do to fix the social security system, say a little bit about that. >> in the scheme of things that should be easy. in the basketball and now the g8 should be a layup. you can miss the layup but on the other hand, with medicare and health care reform it is a three-point play for the opponent's basket. we have to dribble a little bit and take a few shots before we will put some points on the board. with social security we would have had competence in 1999 but for the blue dress incident. and it's not just a matter of what the reform ought to be that the p
Dec 7, 2013 3:55pm EST
development for idaho. understand this is a woman with a high school education, never had a course in business, never had a course in economics. she did everything by the simplest strategies. she started off asking fifth-graders from idaho to write to fifth-graders in other states. a little genius in that because she understood long before mcdonald did that people with kids were the most likely travelers. she then went on to other strategies. she did not have the money to invite the ceos of corporations to come here to work so she promoted hunting and fishing in the mountains and backcountry trips as a way to get the ceos of those big corporations to come hear themselves on their own money and then to like it and to state at the time idaho was the only state in the west that was losing ground in per person income. by the time she finished, idaho was at that time growing at a rate that for a short time surprised even hawaii is the fastest growing state in the nation. we reached almost a median income for the nation at that time and newspapers all over the state were running her picture
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3